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Driving Handbook

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Driving Handbook
HR GO Driving Driver Standards

As a HR GO temp you will have provided 2 references and you will hold current licences covering the categories of vehicle to which you may be assigned. We will check the documentation and hold copies on your personnel file. This file will be updated every three months, when your licences will be checked. You are required to notify HR GO of any prosecutions pending.

You are expected to abide by the Highway Code at all times and, if appropriate, to have good working knowledge of the EU regulations regarding the use of tachographs, the Road Transport Working Time Regulations and the regulations governing the use of LGV’s for hire and reward.

Your knowledge and skills will be assessed and HR GO will arrange training as deemed necessary. Copies of any certificates issued on completion of training will be retained on your personal file and will be available for inspection by clients on request.

You are reminded that when on assignment you are directly responsible to the client for whom you are working. The client, in turn, is directly responsible for you and the duties you are to carry out.

All accidents, irregularities and problems must be reported to the traffic office of the company you are on assignment to IMMEDIATELY and then to your HR GO branch as soon as soon as it is safe to do so.