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Driving Handbook

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Driving Handbook

On completion of every assignment, or at the end of the week if requested to do so, a timesheet MUST be signed by an authorised member of the customer’s staff (normally the person to whom you report).

Once the hours worked have been agreed by both you and the customer and the timesheet has been signed, return it to HR GO no later than 10am of the following Monday.

If you are assigned to one of the few clients with a different system requiring no timesheet you will be advised specifically. In such cases you must still ensure that your hours are recorded correctly, in whatever format the customer requires. A different timesheet must be used for each client.

Your timesheet, whether it is one of ours or that of a customer, is our only means of getting authorisation to pay you. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that all paperwork is correct at the time of completion and that timesheets are handed in on time. Limited drivers must submit an invoice that matches the timesheet or payroll can’t be processed.

To get your timesheet to us by Monday morning you may put it through the letterbox, post it, fax it or email it as an attachment.

If we do not receive your signed timesheet by 10am on Monday following your week’s work– your pay may be late!