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Driving Handbook

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Driving Handbook
On the Road

While driving a customer vehicle, you must drive in a safe and courteous manner in accordance with legislation and the Highway Code.

  • NEVER drive in a bus lane during its restricted operation and NEVER park on a red route unless you can use a loading bay. Always check the restriction plate on the side of the road.
  • If you incur any fines during the course of your duty YOU will be liable. If you are unable to park legally and safely when out on the road phone the client and seek advice. Ensure that you note on your timesheet why you may receive a fine and who you advised. Regardless of what anyone says do not ever endanger your driving licence. Endorsements are not a way of life; they are unacceptable and totally avoidable.
  • Upon arrival at your destination you may be required to assist with loading/unloading.
  • These are considered a part of the driver’s duties and we would expect you to carry them out in a helpful and professional manner.
  • Should you encounter problems with loads, paperwork, etc., ask the customer if you may contact base for instructions – the problem then becomes theirs. If you try to sort it out yourself you could be doing the wrong thing.
  • Do not move a vehicle you are not licenced to drive
  • Do not allow any unauthorised person to drive the vehicle whilst in your possession
  • Do not carry unauthorised passengers