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Driving Handbook

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Driving Handbook
Driving Hours

You are expected to be familiar with and observe current laws and EU regulations regarding driving hours and the use of tachographs where appropriate as well as The Road Transport Working Time Regulations.

Drivers should carry out assignments in accordance with VOSA’s “Driver’s Hours and Tachograph Rules for Goods Vehicles / Road Passengers Vehicles in the UK and Europe Guide”.

As a summary:

A) Digital and analogue tachographs
You must be able to provide a record of the current day’s activities and records of all work completed during the previous 28 calendar days.

Whether you are using a digital or analogue tachograph it is the driver’s responsibility to use the tachograph throughout each driving day to properly record driving time, periods of non-driving work, breaks from driving/work and periods of availability. These records must be made on a chart of the correct type for the tachograph fitted in each vehicle used. If you are using a digital tachograph you are required to hold a driver card. Details of all your activities are recorded and stored by the digital tachograph and are also stored on your driver card.

VOSA examiners have the authority to issue graduated fixed penalties to the driver, Including failure to ensure that the recording equipment and/or driver card is functioning correctly. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that whatever tachograph system you are using is functioning correctly.

All charts will be read and if infringements occur you will be asked to sign a declaration acknowledging your errors. Future or recurring infringements may result in the need for future training. Continual errors may result in the termination of your assignment.

B) Working hours
In accordance with VOSA guidelines it is the driver’s responsibility to monitor weekly working hours. As a reputable agency we also have a responsibility to ensure that only drivers who comply with relevant regulations are supplied to our clients. HR GO Driving reserve the right to terminate your assignment if other work is being carried out with other agencies / employers and it is not being declared or cannot be monitored.

C) Keeping records
HR GO Driving and the clients you drive for must keep accurate records for a period of two years. This is generally through the use of timesheets and tachograph charts. If you work for more than one employer you must inform your employers in writing of other organisations you work for and the working time you carry out for each of them.

While employers have responsibility for maintaining accurate records, mobile workers are equally responsible for compliance with the regulations. Mobile workers can be prosecuted for knowingly committing breaches, including neglecting to inform employers about work undertaken for any other employer or knowingly making a false record.